My addiction to travel photography started during our trip to Vancouver. My boyfriend and I headed out there for a wedding. His close friend was getting hitched, and it just so happened to be our 5 year anniversary. I had actually never been out west. I grew up in Connecticut, and then moved to New York for college. This was a super new adventure for me, and thankfully, Jordan is extremely patient. He must have waited a total of 3 extra hours for me to take photos. However, he does insist on reading every single plaque or information poster he sees, so I guess you can say we’re even.
Anyhow, the next couple of posts will document our trip in Vancouver. I swear this place is magical. The rainforests are gorgeous, the city is busy and happy, everyone is friendly… it was hard to leave. We stopped by Stanley Park every day. That is a must see if you ever find yourself in the area. It is unbelievably quaint. Another necessary stop is Lynn Canyon. It’s just like the Capilano Park, but FREE! We loved it there, but I’ll take more on that in a separate post.
Enjoy! And if you’re wondering where the photo above was taken, we were in Stanley Park, somewhere between Deadman Island and Hallelujah Point.