Lynn Canyon

The day started off a little dreary, but we weren’t going to let that stand in our way. We put on our raincoats, and grabbed a couple umbrellas and headed out to Lynn Canyon. This natural beauty is free to the public, and has the same perks as the Capilano suspension bridge. It was an hour away by bus (unlike Capilano, where they’ll pick you up at your hotel), but still manageable. Thankfully, because it was rainy, no one else was at the canyon when we arrived; we had the entire place to ourselves. Normally, I enjoy being the only people around, but on this particular occasion, I was ecstatic! In order to start our hike, we had to cross a very high suspension bridge. I am terrified of heights, so I was very happy that I was not holding anyone up. We were able to take our time. Jordan crossed the bridge three times before I finally mustered up enough courage to go across too. It was a great experience, and I’m glad I did it.


After we crossed the bridge, we continued on our way, along the Baden Powell Trail. It is a very well kept trail, and again, I was floored by the beauty of the rain forests. We stumbled upon the 30-foot pool (seen above). The water was unbelievably clear, and obviously very deep. One downside to the trails, though, was that it was never much of a hike. The trail was lined with man-made stairs. It just felt odd. At first, I thought this was just at Lynn Canyon, but then I realized, it’s a Canada thing. I LOVED that the trails were well kept, but it just took a little beauty out of the hike when I was climbing stairs, not hills.


On the last leg of the canyon, we went off the beaten path (which you must be EXTREMELY careful when doing so. The park has signs everywhere, telling hikers to steer clear of the cliffs). We walked down to the fence to catch the small, yet awesome, Twin Falls. The roar of the water was loud, and I couldn’t just walk over the bridge without a picture. So I very carefully walked down the extensive root system and took a couple photos through the fence (taken with an iPhone… I could not focus well with my Nikon because there was a fence in the way). It was easily my favorite place in the whole park. It was just so calm, and peaceful. If I could, I would have easily spent another half hour or so, just sitting there in awe… but we had a tight schedule to keep.


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