Deep Cove

We almost didn’t make it to Deep Cove. This was wayyyy out of the way for us. If we had rented a car, it would have been very easy to get to, but we did not rent a car, and so we had to take 3 buses to get here. We were determined, though, because I had read great reviews on this quaint little town. And, again, we were not disappointed. I think this was Jordan’s favorite spot. It was just so quiet here. Look at those mountains! Little did we know, but we were looking right at Burnaby Mountain, where the wedding would be held in a couple days.

After resting for a little bit, we decided to go on yet another hike, because clearly Lynn Canyon was not enough for us. We walked up to Quarry Rock. This trail is heavily traveled, and on a beautiful day like today, the summit was very crowded. Thankfully I did plenty of research before we arrived in Vancouver, because otherwise, we may not have made this hike. The trail head is practically up some poor family’s driveway. It was odd, and half the time, I was convinced I was in the wrong spot. The trail is well marked, once you walk passed the houses, and driveway. After a short period of confusion, we were headed up a VERY steep climb. Again, I was thrown off by all the stairs, but in this case, they were very helpful. At times, the trail was very narrow, and having a railing along the stairs, was necessary, and I was grateful.


I don’t know if the hike was actually difficult, or if we were just tired from hiking all of Lynn Canyon earlier, but once we got to the top, I crashed. Oh my, was I hot, icky, and tired! But I really can’t complain about the view. This photo does not do the cove justice. The clouds were fluffy, the trees were deep green, birds were chirping, and the sun was shining. It was picture perfect. The hike was well worth it. After about ten minutes, however, the sun began to burn, and so we decided to head back down. Surprisingly, the hike down was just as difficult as the hike up. This, however, I think had more to do with the fact that we had already hiked 10 miles at this point.

dsc_0193 We next had o try Honey’s Doughnuts. 1.) We earned that sugar rush; I had literally been thinking about having a doughnut all day long, and 2.) the sweet treat was highly recommended on TripAdvisor. Unfortunately, I was not impressed. The flavor options were not that spectacular, and the wait was a little long. I’ll admit, that I probably hyped it up a little too much, and I probably got a little too excited prematurely. I blame myself for the dissatisfaction here. I’m still glad I tried one, though!

After we sat and enjoyed our treats, we decided to head back to our inn, to take a shower, and dress up for our next adventure, an English Bay sunset.


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